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If you met me what would you do: I would glomp you with the glomp of doom! Then I would laugh until I cried from sheer joy. :) Then I would go check out your cats. :) Then I would glomp you again.
mustluvcatz mustluvcatz Said:

*wipes laughter tears out of her eyes* Well then. You may want to brush up on your glomping skills!

See, this is why it’s fun to be literal sometimes. ;)

I know! My kids think I’m nuts because they never know what I’ll do when I hear things like “Throw some clothes on.” I usually ignore such sayings because I know what people are really saying/what they mean, I just like to throw things off balance once in a while. :)

Ahrgh,maybe its just the heat,but i laughed in a slightly deranged and maniac way about this.Throwing some clothes doesn,t seem to be tge best way to dress. Now try to roll on the floor and laughing your ass off (ROFLMAO) :D

Been there, done that! When my youngest was around 2 we were playing on the floor. I laid down on the floor to take a little break- he came over to me, lifted my shirt up a bit and started blowing raspberries on my stomach. I’m a wee bit ticklish there so I was honestly rolling on the floor laughing… but my ass didn’t fall off, lol. So I guess I -haven’t- been there, done that after all.





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or anything really :3 i need something to do in between writing updates, so today can be an ask day!

Absolutely. :D I’m in the mood.

Ok. I’m in.

You ever hear someone say “Let me throw some clothes on…” or something similar to that. Well, I tried it and I’ve got to say that it simply doesn’t work. My jeans just hit me and fell to the floor. (Too bad I forgot to take the belt out of the loops first.That kind of hurt.) My shirt landed in the general area I expected it to- but got caught up on my.. er.. chest and didn’t cover my back at all. (NOT the look I was going for!) And my shoes just bounced off my feet. (Good thing I wanted to wear my flip flops today. My boots would’ve hurt!) So I think I’ll stick with my normal way of getting dressed. :D

Yes, I did try this. Because I’m silly like that. Don’t worry, I -usually- behave in public and you can -usually- count on me to not embarrass you!

I’ll try this again. Unfortunately, I’m Boring As Hell, so .. you know.. :)

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WAIT!! The Walking Dead is going to be on My50TV this fall? This means I can watch it? (Since the cable package I have doesn’t include AMC, but does include My50TV on channel 8.) Should I be excited? Or will it be reruns? I wish I knew!

edited to add: It better not be on the same night as Supernatural! There WILL be problems, lol.

Getting there! All meshes & shadows (shading meshes) have been tweaked as much as can be. This is kind of a small set for me- only 8 meshes, lol. It all matches the kitchen storage, under the stairs storage and the deco closets (but isn’t slaved to any of those sets.) I’m toying with the idea of making mirrors instead of using the wall mirror from NL. (But probably won’t!) Just recolors to do now!

Oh, at first I wasn’t happy with the glass because of the black that’s supposed to be like leading. BUT, this is modeled after a built in that was in the house I grew up in. And that glass was leaded. So. I learned to like it. ;)

I cried like a baby. What a sweet and wonderful last day Duke had.

The glass needs played with a bit more because opacity (it’s a bit off). The difference in the woods I’m putting down to the shelving being farther back than the closet- so lighting, I guess. The TXMT’s are the same and the texture is the same. Other than that- better?

Hmmm. Something new - I got the idea that I want the glass to match the deco closets I made. So the one on the right (your right, lol) is almost-matching. The one on the left is kind-of matching. I think I like the one on the right better, but I’m not 100% sure yet.

It definitely needs some tweaks (I really should’ve plopped the closet mesh into MilkShape to match some things up instead of guessing and what is up with the wood texture difference? Grrrrr.) but before I do that- which one really looks better?