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So. Yes, there are screen windows and doors (not that I’ve made the door yet) already. But I wanted a very specific look. Seamless for one, a certain height (not cut off by ceilings inside!) for another. I started just editing another creator’s meshes.. then decided to just make new ones since I was making so many changes, lol. (Changes aided by my new mouse! I loveee my new mouse, it’s so cute and small and PURPLE!)

Now that I’ve got a couple of version done, I’m not too sure about the diagonal. Does it look strange since it’s so much wider? Maybe I should go back to the narrower diagonal version?

*yawns and stretches* Every day since my birthday has been a good one. I guess I should’ve known- all good things come to an end. In the middle of the night I realized that I should’ve cooked the ham earlier in the day. Since we were just having sandwiches that would’ve worked out really well. But I didn’t and it occurred to me that cooking it today meant I would have to put it in the oven around 6 AM. :( So I dragged my tired butt out of bed and cooked us a ham this morning. And my “up at the crack of dawn or earlier” kids decided they were going to sleep in today.. which threw my carefully planned morning out of whack. Silly kids.

We get the van all loaded up and hit the road. The very.second we get to my mom’s I get a phone call- “Mom, can you come pick me up?”. “Well son”, says I, “Where are you?”. “At home.” WHAT?!? Said son was at his cousin’s for the weekend and they were supposed to drop him off at my mom’s today. My.MOMS. Not at home. So, after a ranty/ragey phone call to that cousin, I turn around to pick up my son. It’s not the longest trip in the world but I sure didn’t need to add another 1 and 1/2 hours driving time to my day. Oh, and the ham? The foil container it was in sprung a hole and the liquid in the pan leaked all over. The whole van has a slight hammy odor now. *sigh*

BUT- on the way back to my mom’s, I got to enforce the Metallica Rule. What is that, you may ask- well, it’s the rule that states “A Metallica song is on the radio and I demand total silence!”. AND- the person who promised to give me a charger for my phone (mine quit charging my phone and my phone was completely, utterly dead) remembered it, so I now have a working charger and a charged phone. :D On top of that, today was a flippin gorgeous day.. sunny and just the right temperature.

Today’s lesson? A rocky start to a day does not mean a rocky end to the day. We had a great time at my mom’s, I got to see oldest son AGAIN!! and the ride back home was easy peasy.

Reusing this gif because oldest son just left and we had an awesome visit. AND I most likely get to see him (and my future daughter in law) on Easter, too. *haz a great, big happy* <— but is too tired to actually do a happy dance, so I’m letting the gif speak for me. :D

Reusing this gif because oldest son just left and we had an awesome visit. AND I most likely get to see him (and my future daughter in law) on Easter, too. *haz a great, big happy* <— but is too tired to actually do a happy dance, so I’m letting the gif speak for me. :D

Sunday! The start of a new week! I haven’t done this in a while so…

Woke up to oodles of sun, laughed at the weatherman (Rain? What rain?!?) and noticed the sun went down not long after and the clouds are gathering. Lesson learned: don’t laugh at the weatherman. There’s a chance he/she could be right. (It’s not raining yet but my knee tells me it’s going to. :( )

Spring=Allergy Season. Note to self: before opening up all the windows, be sure you have your allergy meds! *sneeze sneeze sneeze* (I did have some, just had to search for it.)

Speaking of making sure you have stuff: I like lists. I tend to forget things.. like my list when I go to the store, lol. Started this week’s “need to get” list and stopped after the few things I thought we need turned into a LOT of stuff we need. :( *grrrrrrr* How in the world does that happen? I swear all we needed was furniture polish, cat food and dish soap!

Sucky mouse is still sucky, but changing the double click speed to the slowest helped with dragging and dropping a bit. That said- oldest son might have a spare he can give me. If he does, it’ll be a good one since oldest son is the biggest computer nerd I know.

Oldest son! I get to see him in 2 days!!! Since he doesn’t live around here I  only get to see him a couple of times a year. So excited!! Better yet, he just got a job about an hour from here and will be moving for it- so I may get to see him more often. :D

Editing to say: It’s been raining for about an hour now. Bleh.

With my mouse just about useless, any lots or meshes I’ve been working on are on hold.That said, if all I really have to do is just click? It can be done! So I do have some stuff to share. :D

7 (1 is pictured twice) of BillyJean’s barstools. They didn’t move in game so I fixed them. No more sim butts floating in mid-air! If you have the originals, just let these overwrite. All recolors will still work, all I did was make the barstools functional.

Rgdyanne’s 1 tile Debbie curtains from Sims 2 Artists. Amythestfenix had already repositoried them, which I thank her for! But one of them showed blue in the catalog. (Not in the “you’re missing a master mesh so I’m gonna flash blue!” way.) This is just a cosmetic fix, nothing big. But if you have these curtains and want the fix, just let the files overwrite the originals.

Gayle’s single version of Holy Simoly’s LaBoheme valance. Same thing as the curtains. I also removed the shadow from it and Holys Simoly’s original. If you want these little fixes, just let the files overwrite the originals.

Nanu’s Herka Candle. I made it functional, so it can be turned on and off. It can also be placed just about anywhere without cheats. Since the internal filenames were changed, you’ll have to remove the original and place this file in your dl folder. ALSO- since the internal filenames were changed, any recolors you may have WILL NOT work now. I redid the recolors I had and those are included in the download. You’ll need to remove the original recolors, if you have them, and place the new ones in your dl folder. The candle can now be found with the rest of the TABLE lights and has 2 recolorable subsets.

I also made some recolors of just the candle. (No picture, sorry.) They are separate packages so can be deleted in game with no problem.

Download Barstools

Download Curtains

Download Valances

Download Candle and alleliua’s Recolors

Download My Candle Recolors

Couldn’t make up my mind- chocolate or vanilla cake; chocolate or vanilla ice cream, so I went with all 4! In the form of ice cream sandwiches with chocolate on one side, vanilla on the other with both chocolate and vanilla ice cream layered inside. *blows out candles*


Happy birthday, mustluvcatz! Your wishlist is full of things I wish for too :D I hope you have a wonderful day

HugeLunatic’s s3 pinched drapes conversion in 30 colors (kind of sort of Anna’s colors but not really) with brass, pewter, and black metal rods/holdbacks

download - alternate (meshes included)

Thank You!! I’ve already been in game to check them all out and they’re wonderful. :D Hmmm, that sounds so low key, maybe this will give you an idea of how much I like them?


Thank you! <3 I knew I wasn’t imagining things, lol. :D


Dear Asker: You can have both? I looked through my project folders and came up with some things I wanted to recolor and haven’t gotten to yet, and maybe never will.

HugeLunatic’s Pinched Drape; Tinkle’s Grant Park Curtains; Pocci’s Bay Window; Mutske’s Montana Curtains; Pocci’s Skola meshes in Maxis match textures. (For the curtains, I could really use solid colors but nice prints are alright. For Pocci’s window, some nice stone/concrete type textures?)

Besides that, I love rugs- especially braided rugs, curtains and plants. I also like Maxis match recolors of furniture and use a lot of Anye’s and Pocci’s meshes.

Here is a folder with any needed meshes and a text version of my little wish list.

P.S. Your identity and reason for asking me are blacked out for my own little reasons. Please don’t be offended about that, you know I love you! <3

P.P.S. Maxis match to me is the 3 AL woods and the 3 Maxis black, cherry and white.. sometimes the Lack textures too. (I have all of those if needed!)

Maxis-match recolors of Tinkles Florida Window TS3>TS2 conversion: AL light, medium and dark woods; Maxis black, cherry and white woods.

Please click “Read More” because this just might be a pretty long post. :)

Read More

Could’ve sworn someone did, along with making pretty recolors, but I can’t find them- so I’ll ask. :) Has anyone repositoried Khakidoo’s Cafe Shutters?