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With this, EA can officially kiss my …. bottom! The mapping on this one isn’t so horrible, but it did take me a bit to figure it out. Now- on to the rest pf the streaks and to fix the color and shine. :) THEN: recolors!

After that, back to trying to figure out the map for the short wedge hair. That one is really atrocious. (That said, I think I can get the mesh and mess with it in MilkShape. Which would be a lot easier than what I’m doing now.)

Edit: A bit more tweaking is needed I guess. *grrr* But I like it so far. There are a few spots that look grey - that’s the CAS lighting, if you rotate the sim a bit it goes away and reappears in a different spot. And the underlayer? Wth? It’s lighter? Hmmmm.. not on my texture it isn’t!!

Yes. Looks lovely. I like the smaller streaks in the blond too. They both have nice high and low lights :)

Thanks. :D I’m planning on doing the smaller streaks still.. got sidetracked trying to do the chunky streaks for some of the other hairs. Lesson learned: EA’s mapping sucks. *ugh* Wait! I already knew that, lol.

4 chunky streaked hairs for females. These are recolors of the EA hair- 4 swatches will be added to the existing ones. :) You get brown with blonde and auburn streaks; red with mostly copper(ish) streaks; black with purple and blue streaks and blonde with kind of honey colored and lighter brown streaks. They’re a bit more subtle in game than they are in CAS, but they’re not so subtle that you can miss the streaks, lol.

Not much more to say other than:

Download, if you’d like!

Oh! One other thing- if anyone likes the textures enough and would like them, let me know and I’ll get the layers cleaned up . It’d be just the brown and the streaks for it but it’s easy enough to change the colors to whatever you’d like them to be.

6 hours of playing around in PhotoShop left me with this. I like it. The question is if anyone else likes it and would find it useful. Chunk streaks= exactly how I’d get my hair done if I could afford it, lol.

For reference- the blonde is an earlier attempt (that I might work on some more) and the other pic is the EA hair.

So before I make more colors (easy enough now that I’ve got my layers set up)- yes? No?

Yep. I did it. I dipped my toes into creating for TS4. AND I LIKED IT! Seriously- I tried recoloring clothing for TS2 a couple of times and was really bad at it. TS4 is totally different and easy enough to do that even an MLC can do it, lol.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up. I just got curious and thought “Why not”? Of course- this means that I didn’t get back to my TS2 hood like I wanted to. But it’s not all TS4’s fault. My PhotoShop got corrupted somehow (I seem to remember that happening when I had my old computer) and I HAD to fix it. I use PhotoShop just about every day. I had to reinstall it 3 times.. odd. But it works again! And by the time I got it working again, I was committed to making something for TS4. :D

So- this is 10 recolors of a shirt in 2 patterns/5 colors each. It’s available for teen through elder females and is in Everyday>Blouses. That’s about it.

Download Chevron Recolors

Download Checked Recolors

What I’ve learned so far today: that I suck at building in TS4!! It took me forever to finally build a house I was happy with. My sim seems to like it, lol. Then… then I decided to check out the gallery and saw this cute little cottage: Birdsong Cottage. It is ADORABLE!! It’s in my game now and looking around the lot I’ve been all “Ohhhhh, look at that! How cute!!”. (It really is a cute little lot, check it out if you haven’t.)

Am I liking the game? Yes I am. There’s a lot of the actual gameplay that I really like and I DO like build mode, even if I do suck at it. I feel like such a traitor! Or do I? Hmmmm.. maybe not so much, considering the fact that I’ve been wanting to load up TS2 to do the things I CAN’T do in TS4. Like build those cabins I’ve been filling my new TS2 hood up with. (I tried, it worked- but you can’t play the upper floor the right way. Boo hiss.)

So. Today I’m going to learn how to make cute little cottages in TS4. Tomorrow I’m going to make some more cabins for my TS2 hood! That’s the plan at least, and I hope I can stick to it. :D For now? *cracks knuckles* Cute little cottage.. here I come!

Wow! How lucky. :)

I consider myself very lucky and very blessed to have such wonderful friends. :)

I know some awesome people. :D Checking my email- I saw an unexpected message..  with a code to redeem for TS4!!  I’m still trying everything out, it’s sure different from what I’m used to with TS2, lol. Yes, it’s cartoony. But it’s a pretty cartoony!

The one thing I do know-  TS2 is still my baby and I won’t be abandoning it. That said, excuse me while I go play around some more….

I broke it! :( Some change I made caused my hood to crash. So I started it over again- which included editing the terrain again. So far I like it, I gave that spot a bit more room and added Plasticbox’s cheap motel across from the cabins.

I’d work on it some more but I’m ready for bed. What a day!! We’ve got an inspection coming up so I’ve been cleaning.. can’t have the inspectors seeing a dirty tub or a hand print on the wall. :) Then I got interrupted by company. Which is always a good thing, but I didn’t know I was expected to go anywhere. *sigh* So we go, get back and?? More company! And that was the kind of company that doesn’t know when it’s time for them to go, lol. After they left (finally) I finished what I started this morning and decided to get a fountain pop from the gas station. When I got home I realized I lost $30.00 sometime today! Grrrrrr.

That was my gas money. I’ve got to go out of town next week. *sad* I’ve already checked the 3 places I’ve been today, no luck. *sadder* I think it’s movie time.. I’ve got my soda, there’s popcorn to pop and a movie waiting to be watched. Drowning my sorrows in soda, popcorn and screams (it’s a scary movie, lol) sounds like a good idea….