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Wanting to do something Halloween-ish and not feeling like messing around with meshes or recolors- this is what I’ve got so far. Since I’ve got to build a normal version before Halloweening it up, I figure I’ll offer both versions.

Fitting the whole lot in a screenshot didn’t work too well, as you may be able to tell since the top is missing. :) I do have camera mods- one for the neighborhood and one for lots from MTS. I can zoom out and hit Tab, but as soon as I use Q,W,E, etc, the view zooms back in too close. Is there a different camera mod I could use? Or is there some trick that I’m missing?

LOL- never mind that question! I forgot that X is the key I needed to use to zoom out!

(Definitely not my usual building style, but I do believe I really like this lot!)

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    In my reply after “decent” there was meant to be angle. I suck at typing today.
  3. hafiseazale answered: The only thing I do is get the house I want to shoot in a decent before I go into Tab mode. I’m not much help, sorry.
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