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Psychosim, you’re a genius! You figured out a way to get lazy cats to do what they’ve been meaning to do for years! :D Ok, maybe not years.. but for a long time. Once you posted your Wall Flowers add-ons, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I did this one.

This is a simple resize+edit of the Maxis Wall Flowers sconce. The huge size of it has always bothered me because it seems like it should be smaller. Or maybe that’s just my thinking? Either way, it’s now smaller and I think it looks a lot better in smaller spaces. So- the resize is that it’s smaller. The edit (besides the resize, which is an edit, lol) is that I removed the bowl ala Psychosim’s default. I never did like that thing! (Which is why my resize is shown with Psychosim’s default. Now I can truly have it my way!)

Find it in the catalog, right next to the game mesh, for 100 Simoleons. It’s a bit cheaper since it’s a bit smaller. ;)


P.S. Forgot to say: it’s slaved to the game mesh.. and…

Be sure to check out Psychosim’s default and add-ons!

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